Study Abroad Advising

Overview of the Study Abroad-INS Course Equivalency Process

It is a requirement to meet with your INS advisor once you have been accepted into either:

  • (1) a UM Study Abroad program;
  • (2) a non-UM Study Abroad program

All Study Abroad course equivalency approval must be done in person during an INS advising appointment accompanied by the course description/syllabus printed out on paper.

The INS advisor will match course descriptions to determine equivalencies.  This paperwork will then be attached to your equivalency sheet and record will be maintained on file.  A second copy is sent to the Assistant Dean followed by the registrar for input into CaneLink. 

  • If you are studying abroad with a non-UM program, there are more directions and procedures to follow before courses are approved by the INS advisor. You must also complete the 7-Page non-UM Consortium application and have it approved before leaving for a non-UM study abroad program.