Doctoral Degree in International Studies

The PhD Program in International Studies provides rigorous training in three fundamental sub-fields: international relations, comparative politics, and international political economy. The curriculum also provides ample opportunities for customization.

The PhD Program faculty consists of experts in international relations, comparative politics and political economy, geographical sciences, ethnographic inquiry, public health, and social inquiry and change. Faculty mentoring ensures that each student remains focused on their academic and career goal, whether it is college teaching or advanced research in the public, private, or nonprofit sector. Our doctoral candidates develop working relationships with faculty in an open environment that facilitates regular interaction between professors and students.

The PhD degree track is a 66-credit program that examines international issues from a variety of perspectives, and provides students with essential qualitative and quantitative research skills. All students must pass written and oral comprehensive exams in two fields and demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English.  Following the comprehensive examinations, a research proposal is submitted, outlining a potential doctoral dissertation. Once approved, a doctoral dissertation draft is produced and submitted before a formal academic review committee.

Graduates of the PhD Program in International Studies have gone on to teach at universities and liberal arts colleges in the United States and abroad. Other graduates built non-academic careers in government, international institutions and non-governmental organizations.


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** The MA Program is currently receiving applications for Fall 2020. The PhD Program is not receiving new applications.