Departmental Honors


Departmental Honors in International Studies


The Department of International Studies encourages its majors and minors to intensify and
deepen their knowledge of the field through its departmental honors program. The program is
designed to give students the opportunity to explore various topics and problems in international
studies that are of particular interest to them, to work more closely with departmental faculty, to
develop skills in research and thesis preparation, and in some cases to prepare for graduate work
in international studies and related fields.

Minimal requirements for the program are as follows:

1) A cumulative grade point average² of at least 3.30;
2) A cumulative grade point average in international studies of at least 3.50; and
3) A thesis that is approved, with a grade of at least B+, by a member of the departmental faculty.

After reaching agreement with a member of the faculty who will serve as the honors thesis
advisor and obtaining the written approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, students
writing a senior honors thesis will enroll in INS 418 and 419, Honors Thesis, for a total of six
credits [the credits may be spread over two semesters or taken in a single semester]. The thesis
itself is expected to be an extended, coherent work of scholarship on an issue of relevance in the
field of international studies.

² For the determination of honors, cumulative grade point average means either the average of all grades
earned at the University of Miami or the combined average of all graded work taken at the University of
Miami and elsewhere (whether or not the transfer work is accepted toward a degree at the University of
Miami), whichever is lower.