Internships are becoming more important to the learning experience of INS students. International Studies internships are facilitated by ASPIRE ,and designed to enhance student understanding of the complexities of the global world, apply academic concepts and learn by doing. Placements include a wide range of industries and sectors, both public and private. Popular areas of concentration include diplomacy, economics, human rights, social justice and trade and investment.

International Studies coordinates internship programs in Greater Miami as well as Rome, Italy.

Internships may be carried out in the fall, spring, or summer semesters. To obtain INS academic credit the approval of Dr. John Twichell, ASPIRE, is a requirement. Students are recommended to complete INS 519: an internship course that connects theory/concepts to real-world experiences. Course requirements for internship credit are: 120 hours of work over the course of a semester based on a detailed workplan that must be approved prior by Dr. Twichell, ASPIRE.