Student Internship Performance Evaluation

Student Internship Performance Evaluation

INS 519 / INS 619 - Program of International Studies at the University of Miami

This should not take more than 15-20 minutes!

Thank you for serving as an internship site supervisor in connection with one of the following courses: INS 519 / INS 619, Internships in International Studies and Civic Engagement: Harnessing Theory with Practice.  This course is offered through the Program of International Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.  The course is offered to highly motivated students eager to gain more practical ‘real world’ experience, who are then challenged to apply that experience back to their interdisciplinary coursework.

To assess how the student has performed under your site supervision in the internship position, it is essential that we obtain your feedback.  Students will not have access to this survey, and the results will be kept in strict confidence.  Your completed and submitted evaluation will become a contributing component worth 15% of the student-intern’s overall grade in the course.  Should there be feedback you wish to provide, apart from this evaluation, you are welcome to contact me directly.  Meanwhile, we also encourage internship site supervisors to express their feedback to the student-interns directly, to make the student-interns more aware of their strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis the internship experience for their future benefit.  Student-interns need both positive and constructive criticism so they can be prepared for future experiences in the workplace.

Kindly complete and submit this evaluation as soon as possible, to ensure there will be sufficient time to review it prior to upcoming final grade submission deadlines.

As each semester ends, and we look forward to observing the student-interns deliver their oral presentations on their internship experience and the ways they have connected it back to their academic coursework, it is with tremendous gratitude that, on behalf of the University, I ask you to complete this evaluation.  Again, thank you for your willingness to work with our students.  Moreover, please be certain to let me know if you would like to supervise students in internships again, next semester, or over the summer, so that we can begin the process of vetting and presenting you with qualified candidates.


John Twichell, Ph.D. and Lecturer of International Studies
Office telephone: 305-284-6893